I remember was I was full of teen angst and I was really into underground music. I would have to travel to obscure record shops looking for the bands that I was really into. Same with skateboarding. To buy a new skateboard I would have to go pretty far to find the one and only skate shop. When I first started getting into watches, the same could be said. I had to actually travel to a brick and mortar watch store to look at watches. Today with the internet there is no underground, there is no need to travel far for the skate shop and there isn’t a real need for me to go to the watch store. The internet is definitely an awesome tool to have, but a sense of individuality has been lost as well. Miang Copenhagen recognizes this and their new Bespoke watch will allow you to have some individuality.

Today we will be looking at the Miang Copenhagen Bespoke Watch which is very customizable via their website:


I won’t describe in detail the customization process because I don’t want to ruin the experience for you. It’s much more fun to experience it for yourself. Just know that it is extremely easy to navigate and use. And most importantly it’s extremely fun. I wasn’t sure how my design was going to look in person, but I was extremely excited when it arrived. When I opened up the box and cool travel style case, the first thing that caught my attention was the crown. The large style 7.5mm crown has these large gear style edges that not only have a cool industrial look and feel, but it is extremely easy to grip and operate. The screw down Titanium crown is signed with a raised letter M. I love crowns on watches, and often I see wasted opportunity on watches when the crown is unsigned and not interesting. The crown is an excellent opportunity to further add individuality and personality to the watch.


The next detail that I took notice of quickly was the grade 5 Titanium bezel and the 6 screws holding it in place which is also a detail that is carried over on the case back. There is a small tool included with the bespoke that will allow you to unscrew these screws to remove the bezel and swap it out. This is a really unique and cool feature. Strap changes is a way that I usually like to change up the look of a watch, but now with the Bespoke you can also change the bezel. You can even change the screws to even change up the look more. If you look at the pics below you will see how I changed up the look with all the possible variations. The bezel, like the case itself, is a nice combination of both polished and brushed finishes. The case has an overall industrial look and feel to it. The square design of the lugs add to overall appearance of the Bespoke and I really like how they look. The lugs also allow the Bespoke to wear well on my 7 1/2 inch wrist.


The Bespoke’s grade 5 Titanium case comes in at 42.5 mm x 12.6 mm which also adds to the comfort level and wrist presence. The Titanium case is quite light, but doesn’t feel cheap how some lighter watches can end up feeling. The exhibition case back looks pretty good. Miang Copenhagen added a blue rotor to give you something interesting to look at, pIus it helps dress up the Miyota 8217 movement. I would love to see a solid case back with the option to add your own laser etched design to take the customization process one step further on the Bespoke.


The dial of the Bespoke is very unique, busy, but balanced. For some reason when I look at this dial it reminds me of either Dr. Who or Bladerunner. I like how my design choices came out on this dial. I can’t explain why, it just does. Even though there is a lot going on this dial like the 24hr subdial at the 9 o’clock position or the date window at the 3 o’clock position, there is a sense of balance maintained here partially because Miang Copenhagen did not remove any of the applied hour markers. I really like how much the white printed text and crome numerals pop off of the dial. Extremely crisp and precise.

The hands on the Bespoke are also another feature that I like how they turned out. The shape and lengths of each hand is perfectly proportioned to the dial and each hand points/reaches precisely where they should point/reach. The oversized second hand gives a compass style feel to the Bespoke’s dial.


As I spent more time with the Bespoke, especially outdoors, the more this watch began taking on an explorer’s companion feel. Rugged, grade 5 Titanium case can surely took my abuse. It is also extremely comfortable and light weight, a perfect design for aiding me on my adventure, rather than becoming an uncomfortable hinderence. My choices of how everything looks on this dial is also perfect in my opinion. It has optimal legibility in all types of lighting conditions. The leather strap is also comfortable and if I so desired to swap out the straps in mid travel, the quick release pins allow for an easy strap change.


The Bespoke is a very nice offering from Miang Copenhagen. The customization process adds to the overalls intriguing pressence the Bespoke encompasses. In terms of what Jens Ole Miang designed in terms of quality this watch is very well designed. My only suggestions for improvement is to have the option of a exhibition case back or solid case back. I think this would take the customization process a step further into that individualistic experience. My other suggestion is for stronger lume.


The Bespoke is approximately $580 USD and not only to you get a lot of watch for your money, you also have the opportunity to make the Bespoke individualized to you. I customized my for my outdoor adventures, but there are endless possibilities to customize the Bespoke to fit whatever life adventures you want the Bespoke to accompany you on.

I would like to personally thank you for reading and as always your questions and comments are welcome below.

I would also like to personally thank Jens Ole Miang.





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